Cultured Stone

Valley Block & Concrete is proud to sell Cultured Stone® by Boral®


Cultured Stone® is the world’s leading brand of manufactured stone veneer. Whether you’re designing an eye catching entryway, revamping your existing fireplace or creating a cozy outdoor living space, Cultured Stone® takes your ideas from dreams to reality. Cultured Stone® – The preferred name in stone!
Cultured Stone Fireplace
Cultured Stone Craftsman House
Cultured Stone Fireplace
Cultured Stone on log house
Cultured Stone Country Ledgestone House

Stock Products*

*While there are nearly 100 different color and style combinations available, we have chosen the twelve most popular and strive to keep those in stock for your convenience.

We can of course order any of the other style / color combinations typical lead time is 3-6 weeks depending on availability.

Country Ledgestone Aspen

Cultured Stone Country Ledgestone Aspen

Country Ledgestone Bucks County

Cultured Stone Country Ledgestone Bucks County

Country Ledgestone Echo Ridge

Dressed Fieldstone Bucks County

Cultured Stone Dressed Fieldstone Bucks County

Limestone Bucks County

Profit Alpine Ledgestone Pheasant

River Rock Earth Blend

Cultured Stone River Rock Earth Blend

River Rock Lakeshore 

River Rock Lake Tahoe

Southern Ledgestone Bucks County

Cultured Stone Southern Ledgestone Bucks County

Southern Ledgestone Echo Ridge

Stream Stone Spring

Cultured Stone Stream Stone Spring

Colors displayed above are the best we can do with different display types, lighting and photography. We recommend you see a product sample or the actual products installed before making your final color selection.

Packaging & Pricing

Borals® Cultured Stone® products typically are packed in large “Big Boxes” and smaller “Handi-Packs.” There are packages of flats and packages of 90 degree outside corners.

There are exceptions (please call us for assistance) but most Big Boxes will cover approximately 90 square feet for Big Box Flats and 64 lineal feet for Big Box Corners.  (All coverage is based on having 1/2″ joints.)

For most styles of stone, Handi-Packs should cover approximately 11.25 square feet for Handi-Pack Flats or 8 lineal feet for Hand-Pack Corners. (All coverage is based on having 1/2″ joints.

Please call us for assistance in determining the amount of stone you will need for your project we are happy to help!

Typical Prices for Stock Product*

  •  Big Box Flats             $Call

  • Handi-Pack Flats         $Call

  • Big Box Corners          $Call

  • Hand-Pack Corners     $Call

*Call for a quote on your project.