Valley Block & Concrete offers many types of blocks for all of your projects.

Whether you are constructing a new building or you want to dress up the one you currently have, we have many types of block to help you with your project.

From our standard concrete blocks (foundation blocks) that are produced right here in “The Valley” to pavers, garden wall, retaining wall and even ICF (insulated concrete form) blocks we try to have what you will need.  Please see the links below that will take you to a page with more details about our offerings in each category.

If there is something you need that you do not see on our site please give us a call we would be happy to assist you in any way that we can.

Concrete “Structural” Block

For your building project we have a complete line of concrete block.

ICF Insulated Concrete Forms Fox Blocks Alaska

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s)

We are proud to offer Fox Blocks insulated Concrete Forms.

We stock the 8″ (core) straight and corner block along with the accessories you need to complete your project.

Garden & Retaining Wall Blocks

Whether you need to build a small wall around your flower garden, spruce up your fire pit or build a big retaining wall, we have the block to help you with your project.

Pavers and Stepping Stones

Whether you want to build a new patio or just add a path through the woods, we have a large selection of  concrete pavers and concrete stepping stones to help you with your project.