Dashboard Temperature -20 Fahrenheit in morning at Valley Block & Concrete

Very Cold Morning.

Cold weather concrete requires planing and teamwork.

It is -20 Fahrenheit at the start if the day.

The trucks are running and warming up.

The customer reports its warmer at the job site than here at the plant.

When it is cold like this a lot of things happen behind the scenes.  The mechanics “babysit” the trucks to keep them “happy”.  Diesel engines are fine once they are running.  The challenge in cold weather is starting them after they have been sitting all night at twenty below zero.

Super hot water is being created by our giant boiler. When the hot water is mixed with the cold aggregates and cement, the concrete will be just the right temperature.

Once the customer gives us the go ahead to send concrete,  we will pre-heat the trucks drums by filling them with hot water.  The hot water will heat all the metal so that it does not freeze the concrete or slow down the set by making it too cold. Once the hot water has heated the metal drums sufficiently, we dump the water and batch the truck.

Dashboard Temperature -9 Fahrenheit on the job with Valley Block & Concrete

On the job.

It has warmed up to -9 Fahrenheit and the customer is ready to pour.

The trucks are heated and ready to go.

The customer has the building tented and heated to protect the concrete and they are using a line pump to get the concrete quickly out of the cold and into the shelter. Were ready to pour some cold weather concrete.

Trucks on the Job on Very Cold winter day

Timing is Everything.

A truck is finishing up and getting ready to pull away from the pump just as the next truck shows up with a nice warm load of concrete.

Nothing sits around and gets cold.

Round and round we go. We could do this all day.

Just a normal winter day for concrete in Alaska.

Great job by everyone involved;  the contractor for having the job site so well setup and protected from the elements, the pump operator for getting their pump to work outside at such low temperatures, and all of our team member here at Valley Block & Concrete for their dedication and commitment to taking care of our customers and delivering the best concrete in ANY conditions.